Welcome to Le Bonheur at Miradoux

Chambres d'hôtes, Le Bonheur, is located in a ‘maison bourgeoisie’ of the 19th century in the heart of the old village of Miradoux, in the department of the Gers. The construction of the house follows the style made popular during the time of Napoleon 3rd. In this period it was normal to build in the grand style and, as a result, you will find rooms with ceilings reaching a height of 13 feet and cupboards reaching up almost 10 feet. The terrace enjoys a surface area of 900 square feet, plenty of space for a relaxing aperitif.

We offer attractive, well-appointed rooms decorated in a warm style and most with en-suite facilities. Being a bastide, Miradoux sits high on a mount of solid rock and so the terrace mentioned above enjoys a panoramic view of the local countryside.